CoviGo Effervescent Sanitizer Tablet Qty 20 – 100


CoviGo Effervescent Sanitizer Tablet

Extremely affordable at less R8 per litre. Each tube contains 10 tablets, each tablet makes 12,5 litres of sanitiser.

CoviGo is a unique, single dose effervescent tablet, which dissolves quickly and provides a consistently accurate strength solution every time, eliminating concentration errors in mixing, making the product safe and easy to use.


CoviGo Effervescent Sanitizer Tablet – Order Quantity 20 to 100 Tubes

Extremely affordable at less than R8 per litre. Each tube contains 10 tablets, each tablet makes 12,5 litres of sanitiser.

CoviGo is a unique, single dose effervescent tablet, which dissolves quickly and provides a consistently accurate strength solution every time, eliminating concentration errors in mixing, making the product safe and easy to use.

When dissolved in water, the active ingredient in the CoviGo tablet produces free available chlorine in the form of Hypochlorous Acid, which has been shown to be 80 to 100 times more effective against viruses than chlorine bleach, and it is completely natural and safe.

CoviGo Unique Features

  • Provides the strongest and most potent form of free available chlorine, Hypochlorous Acid.
  • Stable solution that can be stored 7 days in a sealed container once diluted.
  • Hypochlorous Acid does not carry the same corrosive elements as bleach thus making it less harmful and more surface friendly.
  • Comes in an easy to use, ready for dilution, effervescent tablet which produces 12.5 litres of sanitizer.
  • No direct exposure to harmful noxious gases or odours associated with liquid
    concentrate products.
  • Reduced wastage with tablet form as compared to liquid concentrates. Smaller tablets make for easier delivery/transport or shipping.
    Low cost with high efficacy.
  • 12 months shelf life if kept dry and packaging directions are followed.
  • CoviGo is Eco-friendly, Halaal, Bio-degradable and Non-toxic
  • Unique Safety Benefits of CoviGo
  • Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) holds the highest US FDA safety classification available.
  • GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) classification is only given to a product if it is safe to inhale, ingest and apply to the skin. Having achieved this classification, Hypochlorous Acid is considered totally safe and non-toxic for human use.
  • HOCl has been extensively researched for many years, and multiple peer-reviewed medical publications refer to its efficacy and safety when used outside of the human body
  • “Based on more than 100 years of research and field-based implementation,
    Hypochlorous Acid has been shown effective in the inactivation of viruses, bacteria, spores, and fungi. It is benign to human physiological systems, breaking down rapidly after use to ordinary salt-water that requires no hazardous material disposal
    and no personal protective equipment. “
  • Hypochlorous Acid is an electrically uncharged molecule, making it highly efficient at penetrating the membrane walls of viruses, killing it quickly without damaging healthy cells. In addition to this, HOCl has been described as the form of free available chlorine that has the highest bactericidal activity against a broad range of microorganisms. Furthermore, it has been stated that the antimicrobial activity of chlorine-based disinfectants depends directly on the amount of HOCl present in the water.
  • When diluted in water, at the recommended dilution ratios, Hypochlorous Acid has a near neutral pH of around 6.3, making it less harmful and corrosive on surfaces, and more importantly it does not damage the skin.

How does CoviGo work?

The active ingredient in CoviGo effervescent tablets, when dissolved in water,
releases free available chlorine in the form of Hypochlorous Acid.

Free available chlorine exists in 2 forms

– Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) as is found in the CoviGo product
– Hypochlorite ion (OCl-) found in the common bleach solutions

Various studies have shown that Hypochlorous Acid has an increased disinfection power than that of hypochlorite ion.

HOCl is very similar to the water molecule, allowing it to easily penetrate through the negatively charged cell wall. Once inside the micro-organism, HOCl destroys the nucleus of the cell, thereby effectively completing the disinfection process.

Sanitizing of all Smooth and Hard Surfaces

These include but are not limited to:
Countertops, Sinks, Tabletops, Taps, Door Handles, Windows, Doors, Steel Beds, School Desks, Office Desks, Reception Counters, Plastic Chairs, Benches, Lockers, Floors, Toilets, Showers

Sanitizing of all Porous Surfaces

These include but are not limited to:
Concrete floors, Bricks, Bed, or mattress covers, Shower Floors and Walls

Soft Surfaces

These include but are not limited to:
Clothing, Towels, Hand Towels, soaking of bed linen post washing, Rinsing and sterilization of surface cleaning cloths, Sterilization of dishwashing sponges and cloths, Soaking of Scrub Suits post washing


CoviGo can be used very effectively as a fogging agent, however this product should only be used in cold fogging machines and will not be effective if used through heat generating fogging units. Temperatures more than 40 degrees Celsius, will denature the active molecules of Hypochlorous Acid, rendering the product ineffective.

Restaurants, Take-aways, Canteens, Food Preparation Kitchens, Butcheries and Meat Processing Facilities

CoviGo is highly effective in these environments when used in combination with iSurface Degreaser. iSurface Degreaser is an approved and tested product, which enhances the effect of CoviGo within these environments.

CoviGo Product Testing

All tests on CoviGo have been performed by M&L Laboratory Services (Pty) Ltd,
which is currently a division of Bureau Veritas.

There are five laboratories, namely, Pharmaceutical, Microbiological, Food,
Water and Environmental/Occupational Hygiene. All laboratories are accredited to ISO 17025:2005 standards by the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS). The Pharmaceutical and Microbiological laboratories are licensed by the MCC.

Test Results

Anti-Bacterial         – SANS test 51276 showed effectiveness at log 4 which mean its 99.99% effective against bacteria

Anti-Fungal             – SANS test 51650 showed effectiveness at log 3 which mean its 99.9% effective against Fungus

Anti-Sporicidal       – SANS test 51650 showed effectiveness at log 4 which mean its 99.99% effective against Spores

The above tests are mandatory for NRCS approval for sanitizers to be used on inanimate surfaces for food, commercial and consumer application.

The tablet is currently undergoing the very stringent European Union EN14476 Viricidal test (SANS 5310) to reaffirm its virus killing ability at 99.9 % and has already been proven for HOCL in numerous other lab tests worldwide

Product Labelling

Instructions for Use

⦁ Open the package and take one 6-gram tablet and place in to 12.5 litres of water less than 40 Celsius
⦁ Allow to dissolve for 10 minutes
⦁ Stir it once or shake the container once
⦁ Once dissolved in water use within 7 days
⦁ Excess can be disposed down the drain
⦁ Apply it on to desired surface with either spray bottle, fogging machine and or a cloth

CoviGo Effervescent Sanitizer Tablet. Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Sporicidal. Active Ingredient is Hypochlorous Acid at 0.01% when diluted as instructed.

Expiry Date 2 years from date of manufacture

CoviGo has been tested in accordance with SANS 51276 (EN1276) and found to be effective at a concentration from 25 ppm to 100ppm, by M & L Laboratory Service (Pty) Ltd (Bureau Veritas), with a 99.999% kill.

For more information and detailed SANS test results go to our website at

Product weight 6g per tablet, 60g per 10 tablet tube

Diluted product will yield 100ppm Hypochlorous Acid ph6-6.5
Do not mix with other chemicals. Keep away from children.
Consult supplier for MSDS and further Product Information.

As the use of this product will be outside of our control, we cannot accept liability for improper handling or performance. Before using this product, users are strongly advised to consult the Product Data Sheets for recommended use and safety precautions. Use of Eye, Nose, Mouth, Skin/Hand protection is advised when handling large quantities of undissolved product. Never mix this product with any other chemical substance. Never return unused product to this container. Never use this container for any other purpose. Keep out of reach of children. Store away from direct sunlight and food stuff, in a cool dry place. Keep container sealed. Please visit our website for product information.

DO NOT CONSUME THIS PRODUCT – In case of accidental ingestion or eye contact with undiluted tablet seek medical advice and show this packaging.